Denver’s Best Restaurants, Fall 2019. If you’ve been to Safta, chef Alon Shaya’s temple of modern Israeli fare inside the Source Hotel & Market Hall, you know that it’s nearly impossible to avoid eating way too much of the exquisite wood-fired pita, the glorious, silky hummus (which comes in five different iterations), and the bevy of cold and hot small plates—with not an inch of table (or stomach) space remaining for entrées. So, why not embrace the smorgasbord mentality and make a meal of it? Full Article


The cravings you’ll have for these dishes after visiting Safta are real. Our advice: just give in to the desire and dine here. Often. Full Article


Alon Shaya Gets Personal With Safta, Opening Saturday at the Source Hotel. Full Article


There’s a reason why Alon Shaya named his new Denver restaurant after his grandma or “Safta,” as it’s translated in Hebrew. But it’s not just because of the pretty pink interior or the fact that the menu is partially based on his grandmother’s recipes. Rather, it has to do with respect. Full Article