The wait is finally over: Safta opens its doors inside the Source Hotel & Market Hall tomorrow. Kicking off the modern Israeli trend in the Mile High City, chef-owner Alon Shaya and chef de cuisine Jessica Nowicki will share the convivial, multi-dish dining style of the Middle East, anchored by Shaya’s exquisite hummus and wood-fired pita. Full Article


An Award-Winning Israeli Chef Makes His Grand Denver Entrance. At the sprawling Safta, Alon Shaya makes modern Israeli food and a statement. Full Article


Alon Shaya Gets Personal With Safta, Opening Saturday at the Source Hotel. Full Article


There’s a reason why Alon Shaya named his new Denver restaurant after his grandma or “Safta,” as it’s translated in Hebrew. But it’s not just because of the pretty pink interior or the fact that the menu is partially based on his grandmother’s recipes. Rather, it has to do with respect. Full Article